Gum Paste Lace Flower Tutorial

gum paste lace flower

This gum paste lace flower is a cake decorating idea that begins with a very simple technique using a lattice style Silicone Onlay® from Marvelous Molds®.

Here, I've chosen Scalloped Lattice, but you can use the same technique with Moroccan or Daisy Chain depending on the size of the cutter you work with and how large you'd like the lace pattern to be.

lace flower supplies

Tools & Supplies:

  • Beaded Button Mold
  • Gum Paste
  • Scalloped Lattice Silicone Onlay
  • ​2 Round Cutters that are close in size
  • Silicone Mat
  • Lemon Extract
  • Paintbrush
  • Silver Luster Dust
  • Pearl Luster Dust
  • Small Bowl lined with aluminum foil
  • White Chocolate
  • Pasta Machine
  • Scribe Tool
  • Cornstarch filled pounce
  • Fondant Smoother


1. Create the center for the flower by pressing gum paste into the smallest design of the Beaded Button mold. lace flower center
2. Set the center aside to dry. flower center
3. Lightly dust the Silicone Onlay®​ with cornstarch, invert and shake out the excess. Place rolled gum paste into pasta machine and roll to 1/16" thickness. Trim a piece that will fit on the Silicone Onlay® and press down with a fondant smoother. Continue pressing until the green cutting blades come through. Remove the pieces in between the design with the scribe tool. Unmold gum paste on top of the silicone mat. Cover with plastic to prevent from drying until ready for the next step. lattice pattern
4. Roll out gum paste to 1/16" thickness with pasta machine. Place the smaller of the two round cutters over the gum paste and cut out a circle. cutting gum paste circle
5. Take this gum paste section and place it over the lace design. gum paste circle
6. Once you have the gum paste section placed over the lace, press down to adhere and then use the larger round cutter to cut out a circle that will finish the flower petal. Take care to position this cutter so the edge of the flower petal is the same thickness all around.  gum paste lace flower petal
7. Remove the cutter and the excess gum paste around the flower petal. lace flower petal in gum paste
8. Place a small amount of melted white candy melts in the center of the bowl. Arrange four petals to overlap and create the outside layer of petals. lace gum paste petals
9. Repeat the above process using three petals and placing small pieces of tissue or paper towel in between the petal and the one below to shape the petal and give it movement. drying lace flower
10. While the petals are drying, paint the flower center. Mix a small amount of lemon extract with the silver luster and paint the outside, beaded part of the button design. Repeat to intensify color. Then dust over the entire button with pearl luster dust. painted flower center
11. Paint a small amount of the white candy melts on the bottom of the button and attach to the center of the flower.
12. Attach flower to the cake using a small amount of white candy melts.  


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