Gum Paste Duck

gum paste duck

You might want a gum paste duck for a baby shower cake or as part of a group of barn yard animals for your cake or cupcakes.

To make this gum paste duck, you will need:


  • Gum paste
  • Yellow and orange gel paste food coloring
  • Gum glue
  • Edible black marker
  • Toothpick
  • Paintbrush
  • Knife
  • Scissors



1. Begin by color one ball of gum paste orange and another yellow.
2.Massage a ball of yellow gum paste and roll in the palm of your hands to remove creases.
3. Roll the ball on your work surface, placing your finger on one side of the ball to elongate it. gum paste duck body
4.Thin the other side of the ball and squeeze into a point. This will be the duck's tail.
5. Using the scissors, snip the tail in half. Pinch the ends with your fingers to create points. gum paste duck wing
6. Roll 2 small balls of yellow gum paste, both the same size. Flatten and elongate them. Cut 2 snips into one end.  duck wing
7. Squeeze these into points to create the feathers. Use a dab of gum glue and attach to the side of the duck. Repeat on the other side of the duck with the other ball of gum paste. gum paste duck body
8. Take a  toothpick and hold it up to the duck's body. I broke a piece off mine so it wouldn't stick up too far. Push it into the duck's body. It will support the head. duck body
9. Roll a smaller ball of yellow gum paste to create the head. With a knife, make an indentation where the duck bill will go. Apply a little gum glue to the bottom and push it down over the toothpick. Take a small piece of orange gum paste, flatten it and make it the right size to fit into the slot you created for the bill. Poke 2 nostrils at the top of the duck bill with a toothpick. Set it in place with a little gum glue. duck head
10. If you want a rubber ducky, you can leave the feet off. If you want feet, roll 2 small balls of orange gum paste, flatten them. Then cut off 2 sides of the circle as shown. Roll a thin string of orrange gum paste and attach it down the center of the foot. Then roll another long string and wrap it around the outside of the foot (as shown).  duck foot
11. Put a little gum glue on the bottom front of the gum paste duck to stick to the feet. Place the feet next to each other and set the gum glue down into the back part of the feet.  duck with feet
12. Paint 2 black eyes with either black airbrush paint, gel paste food color or an edible black marker. duck eyes

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