Ground Hog Day Cake

ground hog day cake

Just in case the ground hog sees his shadow, you might just need a ground hog day cake to cheer you up.

Items I used to make the ground hog cake:

  • wilton doll cake pan
  • #333 cake decorating tip
  • 5 inch bowl
  • 10 inch hanging basket with hanger removed
  • 10 inch cake separator or a cake board that fits into the pot (some support made be needed to keep cake from dropping all the way down in the pot)
  • oreo cookies (CRUSHED)
  • 1 gum paste daisy
  • black fondant
  • true brown fondant
  • white fondant
  • orange fondant

Directions for the cake:

1. Bake the doll cake and the small bowl cake and allow to cool.

2. Level cakes and place on a 10 inch separator plate.

3. Tint buttercream frosting true brown. Place 5 inch cake on top of leveled doll cake. Cut a round circle out of the piece of cake left from leveling for the nose and a smaller circle for the ears. Cut smaller circle in half for the ears. Attach these to the cake.

4. Crumb coat the cake and refrigerate for a while.

5. Make a nose and two balls for the eyes out of black fondant. Make two arms out of brown fondant.

6. Roll a little candle shape from aluminum foil. Cover with white fondant, add a little toothpick wick covered with brown fondant, and add a little orange flame.

7. Cover the cake with tip #333 fur. Leave a small flat area on top of the head. Build up frosting in the cheeks areas.

8. After the cake is decorated with fur, very carefully place the cake down into the pot. (My separator plate fit right down into the pot and sat perfectly on the inside ridge).
Cake should sit in the pot a little bit below the top ridge.

9. Attach the brown arms onto the cake and cover with #333 fur.

10. Place candle between the two brown arms.

11. Place the daisy into the top of the cake. (I anchored the daisy in a star tip to keep it straight).

12. Add oreo crumb around the cake and a little on top of the head to make it look like he is popping out of the pot. Add fondant eyes and nose to the cake.

Happy Groundhog day!


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