Grinch Cupcakes

grinch cupcakes

These Grinch cupcakes depict the beloved Dr. Seuss character, the devious Grinch whole stole Christmas. If you're looking for something fun and different for the Christmas dessert table, this guy fits the bill. (He's perfect for a very crabby teenager in my own household).

1. Cut out the general shape of the Grinch's face in green fondant and place it on top of a cupcake that is covered with a thin white fondant background. grinch face
2. Use a toothpick to draw the features of the Grinch's face. etching grinch face in fondant
3. Take 2 small white pieces of fondant rolled into balls and attach them where you've etched the eyes. Use a knife to shape them so they follow along the lines you've etched. fondant grinch eyes
4. Take a small ball of green fondant and attach it where you've marked out the nose. Shape it with the tip of a knife. Poke two holes for the nostrils with a toothpick. grinch nose
5. Roll two small strings of black fondant for the eyelashes and attach them above the eyes with a small bit of gum glue. Shape them to slant upwards. grinch eyelashes

6. Add two small balls of black to the eyes and press them down to stick, trying to make them the same size.

Add two more small black strings of fondant above both eyes to create eyelashes.

Roll out red fondant mixed with a bit of tylose and cut a slightly tilted triangle for the hat. (The hat hangs over the edge of the cupcake, so the tylose helps it to hold up and not flop over the side of the cupcake). Attach a smaller triangle of red fondant coming down from the top of the hat.

grinch hat

7. Finish the grinch cupcakes by adding small balls of white fondant along the edge of the santa hat, the tip of the hat and under the grinch's face, to create his collar.

Use either a thin tipped black edible marker or a tiny paintbrush with black food color to draw in the lines etched for the mouth and wrinkles.

grinch santa hat

And there you have your Grinch cupcakes.

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