Floral Acanthus Leaf Cake Topper

floral acanthus leaf cake topper

The floral acanthus leaf cake topper is a decoration I made for the painted floral swag cake. I purchased an acanthus leaf wooden applique from Home Depot to create a mold for the vase. You don't necessarily have to use the same design; many hardware store have similar, square appliques. The size of the vase that results from your applique will determine how large you will need to make the bouquet to fit on top of it, so the number of gum paste flowers used to fill it will vary.

First, you will need to make the mold. To make the mold, you will need equal parts A and B of Silicone Plastique™ and Seal-Dit™ made by Make Your Own Molds™.

1. Coat the wooden applique with seal-dit using a paintbrush, making sure to get it into all the nooks and crannies of the design. Wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

Combine the two part of Silicone Plastique, kneading until the color is consistent. Place the silicone mixture down on a board or pan and flatten it out and spread it to approximately the shape of the wooden applique. Press the applique down into the silicone, checking to make sure it is evenly submerged all around. Leave to set up for several hours. Remove the applique and wash the mold.

floral acanthus leaf mold
2. Using gum paste, fill the mold four times and leave the designs on a flat surface to dry. When dry enough to handle without bending, turn them over to allow the underside to dry thoroughly. gum paste acanthus design
3. Highlight the protruding parts of the design with a mixture of gold luster and vodka using a paintbrush. Allow to dry and then spray with edible lacquer.
4. Use a tissue box or similar object with square edges to prop 2 sides of the design together so the edges are touching. Pipe royal icing along the edge to glue them together. Use a slightly dampened paintbrush to smooth the royal icing and remove any excess. Repeat this process on the other side of the box with the other two panels. Leave to dry overnight. When dry, you can attach the two corners with royal icing and allow to dry.
5. Make ten gum paste roses (depending on the size of the applique you use). I determined how many I needed by holding them together and setting them on top of the gum paste vase over a wire rack so the wires could extend underneath before I cut them.
6. Brush the gum paste roses with the petal dust colors desired, making the inner petals of the rose darker than the outer petals. Brush the stamen with a green moss petal dust. You can add a forest green along the edges of the stamen. dusting gum paste roses
7. Hold each rose over steam to set the colors.
8. Cut floral tape in half lengthwise, stretch it and wrap it tightly around the wire, just below the stamen. Once you wrap around the wire a few times, you can slide it up into place and continue wrapping it around the wire, tearing it off at the bottom.
9. Repeat this process with the next rose, bending the wire to one side to allow it to lay next to the first one. Once you have wrapped the wire down to the point where it is again straight, add the first rose to the second one, wrapping the floral tape around the wires of both. Repeat this process with the rest of the roses. Be careful to bend the wire enough so the roses aren't squished which could result in breakage of gum paste petals. gum paste rose bouquet
10. Once the bouquet is complete, set it on top of the box again to see where you need to cut the wire. Snip the bottom of the wires with pliers. When the wires are cut, set the vase on a flat surface and place the rose bouquet on top so you can adjust your roses the way you like. gum paste roses in vase

Assemble the Acanthus Leaf Cake Topper:

1. Place a ball of fondant on top, center part of the cake to hold the flowers in place.

2. Pipe royal icing on the bottom edge of the gum paste acanthus topper and place on top of the cake so it sits in the center. Allow to dry completely and then paint all the royal icing edges with the gold luster and vodka mixture.

3. Place the gum paste roses on top of the vase so the wires go into the fondant ball in the middle. Adjust the roses as needed to create a balanced arrangement.

attaching acanthus topper on cake

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