Fathers Day Cake

Father's Day Cake with tools

This fathers day cake features gum paste tools atop a chocolate ganache covered cake. This tool cake idea can be used for as a men's cake for a birthday, as well.

Fathers Day Cake Supplies:

  • 2-9" cakes
  • wax paper
  • confectioner's sugar
  • rolling pin
  • knife
  • buttercream icing
  • 1 chocolate ganache recipe (found in Icing Recipes section)
  • 12" cake board
  • metal spatula
  • gum paste
  • powdered food coloring in silver
  • edible color markers, blue & black
  • paintbrush
  • clear extract
  • paste food coloring, brown,yellow & blue
  • cake decorating tips #1,86,199

At least 1 day in advance, prepare gum paste recipe. I use the recipe found right on Wilton's gum paste container. Let the gum paste rest for 8 hours or so in a plastic bag. Knead the gum paste out on a surface covered with confectioner's sugar. Keep the portion of gum paste that you are not using covered. It dries out quickly.

Make the gum paste tools for the fathers day cake:


Color a piece of gum paste with the yellow paste food coloring. Roll out with a rolling pin.Use any rectangular shape object as guide and cut out with knife.Set aside on wax paper to dry.When dry,use black food coloring marker to make it look like a ruler

gum paste ruler


Color a piece of gum paste with blue paste food coloring. Roll into a log shape and pinch in one side to duplicate the look of a screwdriver. Use a knife to create the ridges. Roll out a long string of white gum paste, about 1/4" thick. Cut one end into a point to resemble the phillips screwdriver head. Use a dab of water to attach this piece to the handle. Allow to dry.Use the blue food coloring marker to accentuate the ridges in the screwdriver handle.

gum paste screwdriver
Paint the "metal" part of the screwdriver with silver food coloring powder mixed with a little extract. painting gum paste screwdriver


Color a palm sized piece of gum paste brown. Shape into the hammer handle. Use another piece of gum paste to create the head of the hammer. Attach to the handle with a little water. When dry,draw on hammer handle with black marker. While still wet, brush on silver food coloring powder over the black marker. This creates a realistic metallic effect.

gum paste hammer


Flatten 3 tiny balls of gum paste. Roll out a long skinny string of gum paste. Cut into 3 sections. Pinch the end of each piece into a point.Attach a piece to each nail head. Let dry. Paint with silver food coloring powder.

Place a spot of buttercream icing in the middle of the cake board. Next, place 3 pieces of wax paper on cake board, around the icing spot. Fill and stack 9" cakes on cake board. Frost with buttercream icing.Pour ganache over cake. When the ganache sets, gently pull out the wax paper from beneath the cake.

Chill remaining ganache.


Place tools on cake as shown. Write Fathers Day Cake message in between the tools with blue buttercream icing.

writing message on tools cake
Scoop chilled ganache into the bowl of an electric mixer. Beat on high 2 - 3 minutes. Place ganache in pastry bag fitted with tip #86. Pipe shell border around the top of the cake. Use tip #199 to pipe shell border around the base of the cake. piped chocolate ganache

And there you have a tool theme display on your Father's Day Cake.

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