Decorating A Cake With Candy

decorating a cake with candy, butterfly cake

Decorating a cake with candy is a fast, simple way to put a cake together. Every time I make a cake, the kids want to help, and I feel bad not being able to let them. (You know what a disaster that can be)! Making this butterfly cake is a great way to let the kids have a good time cake decorating.

Supplies for Decorating A Cake With Candy:

  • rectangular cake board
  • 1 - 12" cake
  • knife
  • buttercream icing
  • Skittles candy
  • M&M's candy
  • Twizzlers multi-colored licorice
  • Food coloring paste, pink & black
  • 1/4 lb. pre-made fondant
  • Cake decorating tips #2,16
  • black pipe cleaner
1. Cut 12" cake in half.

2. Lay one half of the cake on top of the other so the two cut sides are aligned. Cut a triangle out of the center of the cut sides. Now place both halves on the cake board so the rounded sides are touching, as shown.

cutting the butterfly cake

3. Crumb coat the cake with thinned buttercream icing.

4. Pipe a #16 tip shell border around the top and bottom sides of the cake.

frosted butterfly cake
5. Pinch off a small piece of fondant and put it aside to make the eyes. Tint the remaining fondant with black food color paste.

6. Make a 1" ball of black fondant for the butterfly's head, a 2" long oval piece for the middle of the body, and another 1-1/2" oval piece for the bottom of the body.

7. Cut off about 1/3 of the black pipe cleaner. Fold the remaining piece in half to form a "V" shape. Curl both ends with your finger to form the antennas. Stick the antennas into the head. Arrange all the butterfly body parts on the cake, as shown.

making fondant butterfly body
8. Form 2 pea-sized balls with the white fondant to make the eyes. Stick them on the head of the butterfly by wetting the backs of them with a dab of water. Create 2 little black fondant dots for the pupils of the eyes and attach to the whites with water. fondant butterfly eyes
9. Switch the cake decorating tip on the pastry bag to #2 to pipe a pink mouth.

Cake decorating with candy lends itself quite naturally to family fun. Here's where I just let the kids' imaginations take over the design of the cake.

They sorted out the various colors of candies and used 1 color at a time to create each row.

Candy is placed in this order on the wings, but feel free to create your own unique design:

fondant butterfly face

10. To begin decorating a cake with candy, all rows begin from the outer edge of the cake.

Top part of wings:

1st row - white M&M's

2nd row - orange Twizzlers cut into 1/2" pieces with orange Skittles between each piece

3rd row - yellow jelly beans

center - red Twizzler & green jelly beans

Bottom part of wings:

1st row - white M&M's

2nd row - yellow 1/2" Twizzler pieces with yellow Skittles in between each piece

3rd row - pink jelly beans

center - green Twizzlers

Decorating a cake with candy is easy enough to do with any number of cake themes. You can even let your child design his/her own birthday cake this way.

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