Create Impressive Specialty Birthday Cake Toppers

Here's a little trick for making an impressive, but simple specialty birthday cake toppers by using a plastic toy and rolled fondant.

By itself, a plastic car is not impressive. By tinting fondant and applying it to the car, the toy mimics a real cake. This is a great idea if you are not confident enough to carve cake into a shape... you can still achieve the desired result.

You're not limited to creating a car. Use this technique to cover a fire truck, an action figure, a plastic cartoon character, or other plastic objects to fit your theme. Does the birthday person have a favorite hobby? You can purchase inexpensive items from any discount store to create any theme.

Take tacky to classy...and no one will be the wiser!

To make your own cake topper, you will need:

  • plastic toy car
  • duct tape
  • 1 lb. fondant
  • royal icing
  • food color paste, blue,orange,black
  • white food coloring
  • plastic car
  • tips #2, 16


Before decorating, wash the toy car and dry thoroughly. Do this the day before decorating to be sure no water is hiding in the crevices.

Secure the wheels by taping the axles in place with duct tape. You wouldn't want the car to roll away while you're in the middle of decorating it!

Tint the fondant blue and roll to 1/8" thickness. Place fondant on top of the car and smooth it down the sides. Trim any excess away with a knife.

Use the fondant you trimmed from the car to make black fondant. (It's quicker to achieve a darker color since the fondant is already blue). Roll the black fondant out to 1/8" thick.

Measure the wheels on the car and cut out 4 circles at least as large as the wheels. Wrap the black fondant around the tires and press it until it adheres.

Using the #2 tip, draw the details of the car in royal icing. The outline of the car door, hood, and trunk should show through the fondant. Just follow along the lines shown above.

Tint a small amount of royal icing orange. Fill in the headlights and smooth the icing with a knife.

Tint some royal icing black to go over the bumpers and smooth them out with a knife.

Put a small amount of white food coloring on a paper towel. Gently smudge it across the windows of the car cake topper to create the look of glass.

Fill a pastry bag with royal icing. Use the #16 tip to outline the entire car. Allow specialty birthday cake toppers to dry overnight before trying to handle them.

When you make the birthday cake, just make sure you have enough room on top of the cake to fit specialty birthday cake toppers you design. You can write the birthday message on the cake topper or on the cake. Specialty birthday cake toppers can be kept for years to come to remember a special birthday.

This car cake was presented to the Municipal Credit Union to keep as a memento of their advertising campaign.

car cake topperWhy use a cake topper?

There are so many cake toppers that make wonderful momentos for years to come. Once the cake is eaten, there is little evidence of all that hard work. Why not display specialty birthday cake toppers to remind you of the special occasion?

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