Chocolate Men's Cupcakes

chocolate mens cupcakes

The idea behind this cupcake, is to create an elegant yet masculine look. As my partner said... I made danty cupcakes, Epic! These can be easily altered to make something a little bit special for any event.

These were created for a chocolate lover. So they are chocolate devils cake mix. After I baked the cupcakes I cut the tops off, took a teaspoon of cake out, and filled the cavity with chocolate mousse. I then replaced the top so that there was a neat surface to decorate. I refrigerated the cakes while I made up the ganash, buttercream and decorations. This allows the mousse to set, so that when you are decorating it wont squish the mousse out or slide around.

To make the decorations for these cupcakes I took a piece of baking paper, and on one side drew some run out shapes. Swirls and V shapes work really well. Try to keep it simple so that the shape has some strength, the idea is to have a nice solid base that can be pushed into the cream. Flip the paper over and tape it to a solid board, so that you have a solid even surface to work on.
I then put some melted chocolate into a piping bag with a small plain nozzle (used for writing on cakes), and traced the patterns on the baking paper. This is not technically a run out, but because you are tracing a design, you can regulate how thick your chocolate is piping and what it looks like. It makes it a lot easier for beginners. To make the run outs something a little special , pipe dots of chocolate onto your designs, and then gently push coloured cachous into them. I used silver, green and blue.

To decorate I first covered the tops of the cupcakes with chocolate ganash. This gave the cupcakes a glossy chocolate top.

I then flavored some butter cream with lots of leftover ganash. Then, take a star nozzle and pipe a nice tall swirl onto the middle of the cakes.

The last step is to gently lift the chocolate designs off the baking paper and place them into the cream. (If you do the chocolate designs first, then they should be set by the time you are finished with the rest of the decorating, if they seem soft, refrigerate to harden) Make sure you push them in nice and deep, this makes them a lot sturdier.

And there you have it. I displayed mine on a cake stand and piped directly onto the stand. The looked really special, and were a bit of a chocolate overload. Choc cake, choc mousse, chocolate ganache, choc buttercream and chocolate. They made for a very happy birthday for my partner!

Cupcakes decorated by Cat from Gladstone, QLD, Australia

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