Carnival Cake

carnival cake with trailer and tarot card

This carnival cake is pretty simple as the main decoration is an edible photo which is printed on an icing sheet.

You will need:

  • (1) 12" round cake pan
  • buttercream icing
  • rolled fondant
  • basic chocolate cake recipe
  • rice krispie treats
  • green, black, and yellow icing color
  • gold and bronze pearl dust
  • specially made sugar image - Carnivale photo printed on an icing sheet

Step one: Make the buttercream icing

Step two: Make the chocolate cake (let cool at least 1 hour before icing)

Step three: Level your cake

Step four: Make rice krispie treats

Step five: Ice cake with buttercream icing

Step six: Roll fondant and cover cake, then using a fondant smoother, smooth the fondant to fit cake. Then trim off the excess fondant.

Step seven: Mold the trailer out of rice krispie treats, then cover with buttercream. Color your fondant green, then roll out, and then cut strips the length of the trailer on each of the four sides. The roof,wheels and stairs of the trailer were covered in black fondant. For the tarot card, cut small piece of fondant and color yellow, roll into rectangle, then color another small piece of fondant and color black and also roll into a slightly smaller rectangle, then with yet another small piece of fondant color it yellow, roll it and cut out a crescent to represent the moon. Place black rectangle on top of yellow rectangle and place the moon in the center of the black rectangle.

Step eight: Place sugar sticker in freezer for 1 minute then slowly peel off the backing and place in center of cake. Then add the trailer and the tarot card.

Step nine: mix gold and bronze pearl dust and brush on all nondecorated parts of the cake, especially the sides. Then slightly brush on trailer and tarot card.

Step ten: Using buttercream icing, pipe beads along the bottom of the cake to cover the edges (use #12 wilton decorating tip).

Submitted by Maryrose Mongelli from Staten Island, NY

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