Caribbean Cruise Cake

caribbean cruise cake

This Caribbean cruise cake is composed of palm trees, flamingos and a cruise ship making this cake perfect for a Tropical Caribbean Wedding.

1. To start this cake I made the Flamingos and Palm Tree 3 days in advance so they had time to dry. Both were made using Fondant, which can be bought at any cake decorating supply stores.

2. To begin I used 12g floral wire to form a skeletal structure for the palm tree and 2 flamingos. This wire structure will help the figures to hold their shape. I colored the fondant to the desired colors and began wrapping it around the wire, shaping it into the desired shape. I then put toothpicks as legs on the flamingos and covered them in fondant as well.

3. By using the end of a small paint brush, details can be added to the figures. For the palm tree leaves I cut a strip of green fondant. I than cut slits down both sides and draped over the top of the palm tree structure. Continue until you have desired look.

4. To add a more realistic look, I added colors to the palm tree and Flamingos. This is done by adding vodka to edible shimmer dust to form an edible paint.

5. A veil and top hat were made out of fondant as well for the Flamingos. The windows, anchor and other ship details were made at this time as well. Your imagination is the limit with what details you can make out of fondant for the cake.

6. An 8” round cake was cut free hand to make the two islands. Spread on a thin layer of icing and wrap them with green fondant. Mini flowers can be made out of fondant and added to the islands to add more detail.

7. A piece of plywood covered in aluminum foil was used for this Caribbean scene to be displayed on.

8. There are three sections to the ship, bottom, top and middle. Three 11” x 16” rectangle cakes are needed for the ship. Cut each cake down the middle lengthwise making them approximately 5.5” x 16”.

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