Cake Transport Box Tutorial

cake transport box tutorial

Here's a tutorial on making a cake transport box. I have taken ideas from here and there and through trial and error have decided that this works best for me. I love it. I use it mostly for fragile competition cakes but it does very well for transporting any cake.

You will need:

cake transport box materials

1.  A strong, sturdy, cardboard box. One of the dimensions should be the same as your cake base.

2.  Packing tape

3.  Box cutter

4.  A towel

5.  Some bubble wrap

6.  Foam egg crate

bottom of cake box

1. With the packing tape, start taping the entire box all the way around the sides and bottom including the inside of the box.

taping cake box

secured cake box

2. After it's taped, cut along two sides with a box cutter to form a flap. If your box is not square, I recommend cutting the two corners of the longest side.

taping bottom of cake box

securing opening of cake box

3. Now layer the floor of the box from bottom up with the towel, bubble wrap and then the foam egg crate.

cake box padding

4. Next, take a piece of tape, fold a small piece over itself to make a flap and then tape half of it to the flap of the box, do the same with the other side.

securing sides of cake box

5. When placing or removing your cake in the box, pull the tape tabs you made to release the flap side, lower the side and slide your cake in, remove your cake in the same manner. By using the flap, you never have to come over the top of your cake to get it in or out of the box and have less chances of injuring your cake.

completed cake transport box

6. Your cake transport box is done and is ready to transport your cake. Your cake will not slide around. Just be sure your other decorations are secure and padded.

This cake transport box tutorial was submitted by cake artist, James McLean. You can see James' cakes on her Facebook page.


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