Beach Cupcakes

beach cupcakes tutorial

These beach cupcakes feature a palm tree and shell made from chocolate.

Beach Cupcake Ingredients:

  • Box of Cake Mix (and ingredients to make cake) Yellow or beige cakes look the best with these cupcakes.
  • Cupcake papers or tins (the example picture used thicker papers with a "wave" like edge, found at cake store in sand color, the color of the paper really helps with the design. Pick something Beachy)
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • White Frosting (Enough to cover the amount of cupcakes you will be making)
  • Beige/Sand colored, Food Coloring
  • Blue/Ocean colored, Food Coloring
  • Beach Candy Molds (Shells, Sandals, Mermaids, Palm Trees, etc. found at cake and craft stores)
  • Candy Melts (Available at Cake and Craft supply stores) - * You will use the candy melts to fill the molds in layers with the appropriate colors. Get the right colors based on the design you plan for the mold. The example pictures uses Green, Brown, Yellow, and Cream colored melts.
  • Blue Edible Glitter or Blue Sparkle sprinkles - *If you can't find glitter or sparkle sprinkles, you can use blue food coloring to lightly color regular sugar to achieve the same effect.
  • Sanding Sugar - *If you can't find sanding sugar, raw sugar from your grocery store will work)

1. Bake the cupcakes and allow to cool.

2. Plan you approach to the candy molding. Work with one color at at time.

3. Melt the right amount of candy for your first color per the instructions on the package. Use a small paint brush to insert the candy into the part of the mold you would like to tint. Allow to cool or place in freezer for 1 minute.

4. Melt the right amount of candy for your second color. Again, use a small paint brush to color the desired area. Allow to cool or place in freezer for 1 minute.

5. Melt the right amount of candy for your third or last color. Use a spoon to fill the rest of the mold. Don't over lap mold. Assure that candy is even with top of indent or it will be challenging to remove from mold and candy will have a bulging bottom. Allow to cool or place in freezer for 1 minute.

6. Once molds are fully hard, they should snap easily out of the mold. Turn the mold upside down and use both hands to turn either side in the opposite direction of each other causing a "twist". If candys are stuck, use a tooth pick to pry the corners out of the mold.

7. To further decorate candy's, put sanding sugar or glitter into the molds with the candy when it is still warm. The shell, in this example was made our of a cream colored base, and sanding sugar was placed in the mold before the candy. Also, a dab of yellow candy was added while still warm and swirled with a tooth pick to give it a shell effect. Be creative ! Remember you are building the mold in reverse, so what you lay down first is what is seen first. If you put glitter on the top of the candy, while filling, you will probably not see it from the front.

8. Split your white frosting in 1/2 into two separate bowls. Dye one bowl a sand color and the other bowl an ocean blue color. Don't mix colors all the way, leave them a little patchy so it gives the ocean and sand effect.

9. Frost half of each cupcake with the sand color frosting and the other half with the blue color frosting. Assure that there is a wave in the middle where they meet and it is not a perfect line.

10. Sprinkle sanding sugar and graham cracker crumbs on the sand colored side of each cupcake.

11. Sprinkle Blue Edible Glitter or Blue Sparkle sprinkles on the blue colored side of each cupcake.

12. Place 1-3 candy molds on each cupcake depending on the size of the mold. You can either have each cupcake look the same of use different shapes on each cupcake.

This is a fun project to do with the kids. Be Creative and have fun.

Beach cupcakes decorated by Erin Hornecker from Simi Valley, CA

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