Baseball Birthday Cake

baseball and bat birthday cake

This baseball birthday cake is a 9" cake that has been torted and filled to reach 3-1/2" high. I used white chocolate fondant made by Choco-Pan which was so delicious.

It has to be the best tasting fondant I've ever tried. I did have some difficulty working with this brand in the summer months, but it worked great when it got colder outside. 

The color you see on the top of the cake is the fondant's natural color - a rich, cream color.

The technique used here to cover the cake with fondant will create straight corners on the edge of a round cake.

To make this baseball birthday cake, you will need:

  • 2 - 9" cakes, torted, filled and frosted.
  • White chocolate fondant from Choco-pan or white fondant tinted cream color
  • Funky alphabet tappits
  • Large & Small Rolling Pin
  • White icing sheet
  • Punch cutter
  • green,blue, red and brown gel paste food coloring
  • ball tool
  • Shortening 
  • Silicone mat
  • Pizza cutter or fondant cutting wheel
  • Clay gun
  •  Knife
  • Ruler
  • Piping gel
  • Scribing tool
  • Fine paintbrush


Steps to Create the Baseball Birthday Cake:


1. In advance, roll out blue fondant and use the funky tappits to cut out the letters needed to create the birthday message. Set them aside to dry. Be careful when you move them as they stretch easily.
2. Roll out enough fondant to cover the top of the cake. Flip it onto the top and trim the excess with a knife.  buttercream covered cake

3. Color fondant green. You can either roll out 1 strip that will be long enough to wrap around the whole cake or do it in 2 parts like I did. (I knew I was covering the cut line with stripes, so it didn't matter). If you do 1 strip, make it 30" long. If you're doing 2 strips, do each 15" long. There will be some excess to cut off. Make a long sausage of fondant to the length you choose based on whether you are doing one or two strips and roll it to 4" high. Use the pizza cutter and the ruler to cut a straight line the full length of the strip. Cut straight across one short side.

cutting out green fondant strips
4. Starting from the uncut end, roll the strip around a small rolling pin.

5. Line the end of the fondant on the rolling pin up on the cake so the cut edge goes straight up and down. As you smooth the fondant on to the side of the cake, unroll it from the rolling pin. There will be excess fondant at the top. If using a 2nd strip, line the beginning of it up where the last one left off. Cut the excess off of the end so the beginning and end of the strips line up perfectly.

wrapping fondant around sides of cake
6. Use a knife to trim the excess off of the top so the cut lines up with the fondant on the top of the cake. smoothing fondant on side of cake
7. Tint some of the fondant blue. Roll out the fondant to about 1/16" and cut 6 strips 1" wide and 4" high. cutting blue fondant panels

8. Attach the blue fondant strips to the cake by moistening the back. Place them  equidistant from one another around the side of the cake. Cover the line where the green fondant meets with one of the strips. This could be your starting point.

adding fondant stripe to cake
9. Take the white icing sheet and use the punch twice in a row to create the design. punching icing sheet design
10. Cut out the design and apply one on each side of the blue stripe. You will need 12 of them.Apply them to the cake with a little bit of piping gel. (I just find piping gel keeps them in place). adding icing sheet design to cake sides
11. Normally I would use a clay gun to do this but mine was hiding. If you have a clay gun, use the small round circle to create a long string of green fondant. If you don't have a clay gun, you can roll out a long string by hand. Attach the green string to the side of the cake as shown: 1 on either side of the blue stripe and 1 on the outsides of the icing sheet design. Indent this green strip of fondant using the small end of the ball tool. fondant striping
12. Now you will create the baseball bat. Figure out how much room you need for the top border and birthday message so you know how big you can make the bat. Tint some of the white chocolate fondant with brown gel paste until it's completely mixed in. Now, add another dab of brown gel paste only this time you're not going to mix it all the way in. Knead it a few times and then roll the piece of fondant into a long sausage. Fold it in half and roll it together. Repeat this action a few times until the fondant has the wood effect you want.
13. To make the fondant resemble a bat, make one end thicker than the other. On the thicker end, flatten the end with your finger to make the top of the bat. On the thinner end, use your finger to create an indention a short distance from the end of the fondant. Roll the fondant bat completely over while creating this indentation. This creates the handle of the bat. Adjust the shape so the bat is straight. Set the fondant baseball bat aside to harden.
14. Take a piece of the cream colored fondant and create a ball that will be proportionate in size to the bat. Using a scribing tool, impress the lines in the baseball where the stitches will go. Set aside to dry.
15. Create a top and bottom border for the cake with your clay gun and a large round hole attachment. When the string of fondant is in place on the cake, use the ball tool to indent the border all the way around the top and bottom border. green fondant border
16.  Arrange the fondant letters on the cake the way you want them and then attach them with a dab of water. fondant tappit letters
17. Place the fondant bat on the cake.

18. Using the fine paintbrush with red food coloring, paint the stitches on to the ball. Place the baseball on the cake next to the bat.

completed baseball birthday cake

Note: Because the fondant color is not white, the colors of the blue and green fondant are not true blue and true green. If you use white fondant, your colors will be slightly different than shown above.

So, here's just one way to make a baseball birthday cake. Enjoy!


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