Baby Shower Cakes Designs

completed baby shower cakes designs

These baby shower cakes designs feature decorations made with 3 different icing mediums: buttercream icing, royal icing and fondant. The same design can be created by using all royal icing or all buttercream. The fondant can be replaced by gum paste or marzipan.Simply, use your favorite ingredients or the medium you are most comfortable using.

If the fondant baby is left on top of a small piece of wax paper, it will not get moistened by the buttercream frosting. The expectant mother can keep the icing figure as a keepsake for years to come to remember these baby shower cakes designs.

Supplies to recreate baby shower cakes designs:

  • 2 - 11" x 16" layer cakes
  • cake board
  • rolling pin
  • confectioner's sugar (to roll out fondant)
  • buttercream icing
  • royal icing
  • fondant or gum paste
  • food color paste in copper, red, blue
  • wax paper
  • pizza cutter
  • ruler
  • fondant leaf veiner tool
  • edible food writer, black
  • tips #1,3,6,16,22

Two days in advance,prepare both the run-out icing letters and the fondant baby to allow for drying time before assembling the baby shower cakes designs.

Run-out lettering:

Draw the letters "B,""A," and "Y" on paper. Place the paper on a cookie sheet and lay a sheet of wax paper on top. Outline two B's in blue royal icing and the letters "A" and "Y" in pink royal icing. Thin the blue royal icing to run-out consistency with water. Fill in both B's. Thin the pink royal icing with water and fill in letters "A" and "Y." Set aside to dry.

Making the fondant baby:

If you prefer, you can purchase a small plastic baby, but using fondant makes baby shower edible cakes, through and through.

Depending upon your preference, you can create these baby shower cakes designs with a baby made from either fondant, gum paste or marzipan. I used store-bought fondant, since I had it handy).

Tint a piece of fondant, about the size of a baseball,with copper food paste. This will create skin-colored fondant. Roll a piece of this fondant into a ball, about 1-1/2" thick. This is the baby's head. Use a leaf veiner to shape the face. Press in to create indentations for closed eyes. Add a small ball to create the nose and shape it with the veiner.

Using a small ball of skin-colored fondant, attach an ear to the side of the baby's head. Indent the inside of the ear using the fondant tool. Shape it by pressing all around the ball until it looks like an ear.

baby head in gum paste
Roll a small fistful of skin-colored fondant into a pear shape. This becomes the baby's body.Wet it slightly at the narrow end and attach it to the head. fondant baby body
Roll a piece of skin-colored fondant 2" long and 1/4" thick. Shape one end into a fist. Attach the baby's arm as shown with a dab of water. fondant baby arm
Tint a small dot of fondant pink,slightly wet the back, and press it flat onto the baby's cheek. Tint a small piece of fondant red and make a it into a figure 8 shape. Place a small dot of white fondant in its center. This is the pacifier. Attach it to the baby's face with a dab of water. fondant baby face
Roll out a piece of white fondant. Cut it into a 4" x 4" square using a ruler and a pizza cutter.

Tint some fondant pink. Roll out to 1/8" thick. Cut several strips and then cut the strips into small squares. Repeat this process with fondant tinted blue.

Arrange the pink and blue fondant squares on the white fondant square to create a pattern that appeals to you. Wet the back of each piece to make them stick.

Press them down with your fingers. Use tip #22 to emboss the fondant blanket. Press the tip into the center of each square to create a pattern.

fondant baby blanket
Lift the fondant blanket with a spatula and place it over the baby's body. Use the black edible food writer to draw the closed eyelid and eyelashes. Set the fondant baby aside to dry. fondant baby under blanket

Baby Shower Cakes Designs - Decorating the Cake:

Find the mid-points of the shorter sides of the cake and make a mark. On the longer sides of the baby shower cake, measure 7" from each corner and mark them.

Now, use a ruler to create straight lines across each of the corners.

 Fill a pastry bag with white buttercream icing. Use the #3 tip to go over each of the etched lines. Using the same cake decorating tip, fill in each corner with cornelli lace. Behind the first straight lines, draw a second line. Do this for each corner. Now, pipe a rope border behind each of the second straight lines.The rope is made by moving the tip in the shape of the letter S.Where each "S" ends, the next begins.

The top border of the baby shower cakes designs is made with rosettes, using tip #16. (Rosettes are created by moving the tip in a circular motion, while holding the bag at a 90 degree angle to the cake.

piping on baby shower cake

On the sides of the cake, create "S" shapes using the #16 tip. Continue this pattern all around the sides of the entire cake.

The bottom border is also made up of rosettes, this time with tip #18.

Tint about 1/2 c. each of buttercream pink, blue, and green.

Pipe small flowers using the #3 tip in pink, making 5 petals for each flower. Repeat the process with the blue icing,placing the blue flowers between the pink ones.

Using the #1 tip, draw vines from one flower to the next, all around the cake. Create tiny leaves by squeezing a dot of green icing out on an angle, and releasing pressure before lifting the tip.

Pipe white buttercream icing dots in the centers of all the flowers with the #3 tip.

Putting all the baby shower cakes designs together:

Now, place the fondant baby in the lower center of the cake. Arrange the run-out icing letters in an arc around the baby.

(You won't want to refrigerate the cake once you have placed the fondant baby on top. The fondant will become sticky. Save this part of the cake making until the cake is headed for the baby shower celebration).

If you have some great baby shower cakes designs you'd like to share, we welcome you to send them in for others to enjoy.

piping rosettes



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