Red and Black Icing

How do you get really red frosting?


by: dragonflyroses

If you tint your frosting with a burgundy coloring first then with red you will end up with a true red color.

The strongest frosting colors are paste....not liguid or gels....start with a small is powerful.
Just add until you are red in the face.....
Aloha Bob

Depending on how much icing you are trying to color, it may take a couple of containers of red. I use the Wilton "No Taste Red". And dark primary colors (red, blue, green, even black) will darken over time if you're coloring Buttercream, so I usually color mine the night before I need it. Then you can see if you need to add more coloring to it.

Amoretti produces a food coloring that is supposed to create a true red.

How do you create true black icing?

Start with chocolate icing and tint it with black food color paste.

Both red and black icing are difficult to achieve, at least to the color intensity you desire. Some people buy these icing colors to avoid the problem.

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They are difficult to do. But, those are some pretty good tips. Give them a try and see if they work for you. Report back if you need further assistance.