Permission to Use Your Cake Idea

If another cake decorator were asked to make your cake, what would be acceptable to you:

1. Should that other cake decorator ask your permission first?
2. Would you be satisifed if that cake decorator gave you credit?
3. Would you be upset your design was copied?

I'm looking for input on this for a magazine article I'm writing and would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Sandra Smiley's picture

I would consider it very thoughtful and be impressed if another decorator asked my permission to use my cake design, but as long as I was given credit for the original design, I would be satisfied. No, I would not be upset if someone copied my design if I were given the appropriate credit, in fact, I would be flattered. If permission was not requested or credit given, I would be pissed.

linmjenk's picture

I think its common courtesy to request permission when possible. However with social media and pinterest it is very hard to find a customer that hasn't already found a design they want you to make. I always make it a point to change up the design and use more of an "inspired by" approach.
Sometimes it is quite difficult to track down the original owner (when no watermarks are used). I think for me, I do not want to be tagged in a picture of a cake I did not create. However I wouldn't mind someone sharing my website and pointing out they took inspiration from me. Its very flattering.

Terri's picture

Thank you both so much for your feedback. It's truly appreciated :)