Pearlized Frosting

Hello, I am making a cake for my daughters birthday party. I was looking online at cakes for ideas. I saw a cake with pearlized frosting. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I can not find any place that sells pearlized frosting or a recipe that tells you how to make it. If any of you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


by: les j

You can buy either gold or silver or pearl luster dust at Very reasonable. I use an artists brush for buttercream and it is fantastic! Just have to go easy with it. Good luck!

One way to pearlize cake covered icing is using luster, sales the bottles for $10.00 and can cover a 8,10, 12" , with a very light pearl finish, they come like in 5 colors, remember if you keep the bottle spray too close, is going to be a deeper color. This bottle doesn't bring enough but is good for those that don't own an airbrush. This company ships fast and it's better to place the order by phone, you can request them to ship it the same day with no additional charge and depending where do you live you can get your items, next day or in 3 days.

by: Deborah

I'm assuming the cake was not covered with fondant. There are many websites where you can buy large bottles of airbrush colors; some are metallics and some pearlized. If the cake has fondant on it, you can airbrush it on or paint it on with a brush. If the cake has buttercream icing, you will have to airbrush it on. You can also get luster dust in different colors. Michael's Crafts carries them. If you allow the buttercream crust, you can very carefully dust it with the luster dust but use a very soft paintbrush. It will give more of a sparkle effect. Hope this helps!



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That’s a great idea for the buttercream. I’m going to give that a try too. Thanks for sharing. That’s what I love about this place. I’m always going to learn something.