Graduation cake

I glued 3 -12 inch cake boards together with hot melt glue and then covered them and the flat, square cardboard I cut for the top part of the hat with black fondant. I made the tassel out of heavy gold cord and attached it to the hat top with the fondant button around the loop. I made the white diploma and black bow of fondant. I attached the bow with clear vanilla and set them on a cooling rack to dry. I colored some fondant with brown color to make it tan. I rolled it out and cut the sizes I needed for the gold stripes on the 8” cake. I sprayed the tan fondant with Wilton Edible gold spray and placed the stripes on waxed paper and set aside to dry the spray. Next, I rolled the black fondant and cut the stripes it to the size I needed for the 8” cake. I made the letters for the message of fondant with alphabet cutters and set them aside.
For the 8” cake, I put the layers of cake on a board, with buttercream icing between them and iced it lightly. I covered it with white fondant. I cut and placed dowels in a 5 inch circle and one in the center to hold up the 6” cake. I attached the stripes with clear vanilla.
I put the 6" double layer on a board and put buttercream between the layers , iced them in buttercream and then covered them in white fondant . I cut and placed dowels in a 3 ½ inch circle and one in the center of the 6” cake to hold up the 4 ¾” cake. I scored the quilted area and place gold edible beads on the corners of the quilted area for the 6” cake, using a pair of twizzers and clear vanilla.
The hat is made of 2 layers of cake baked in a 4 ¾” can. I placed it on a cake board cut to fit it, I put buttercream icing between the layers. trimmed the top layer to make it rounded, then put a thin layer of icing on the two layers. Next, I covered it in black fondant and attached the fondant covered top to the top of the hat with clear vanilla.
Then I added my message to the cake board by attaching them with clear vanilla.

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