Forgotten Garden

A Steampunk cake with fondant and gumpaste decorations. The garden is forgotten and failing. The flower has transformed itself into a clock in an effort to hold on to time and not be forgotten. Some figures are hand molded, molds were made for others. I designed and developed the Passion Flower which has the face and hands of a clock. The leaves are made to look like metal with rivets around the edges. The bolt caterpillar and gear butterfly along with the metallic ladybug roam the garden. I've also posted top and back views and a close up of the Passion Flower

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Lisa F.'s picture

This is a WOW cake. It looks simple until you look at each of the details. Amazing work!! Thank you for sharing! Good luck.

James McLean's picture

Thank you so much for taking the time to really look at my piece. There are so many things you can't see in this picture. Theres a caterpillar in the shape of a bolt, a metallic ladybug, rivets on the leaves and stuff like. Thanks again Lisa.

jurrabas's picture

Love it

James McLean's picture

Thank You!

Jockofthesnowveld's picture

Love it! Especially the snake/serpent thing.