Doubling Cake Mix Batch


I came across an article some time back about what to alter if you are going to mix 2 cake mixes together at one time. I think it was water that you altered but not sure how much. I lost my printed note. Please help. I made a half sheet cake and it cracked down the center in half. - Yanzik, Louisiana


I have never altered my ingredients when using more than one mix at a time.
I have made 100s of 12x18x2 and 16" round (each uses 3 mixes) and never made any changes in the added ingredients.
You say the cake cracked. Did you let it cool in the pan about 10 minutes before turning out? But wait....was the cake level before turning out? You can use the edges of the pan and a long knife to make sure the cake is level. Run the knife over the cake so it touches the edges on both sides. Perfect way to make sure a cake is level.
Have a cake rack ready to put on the leveled cake that is in the pan and turn the two over together, now remove the pan. Some people like to have another rack and turn the cake over onto the 2nd rack so it cools upright. Not really necessary in my opinion :) But doesn't hurt any if you insist:)
Hope that helps :)


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Thank you for posting this. I’ll remember it the next time that I need to double a cake. I doubt we’re the only two that’s had this problem before.