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Penguin Cakes

penguin cakes collection

Penguin cakes are adorable for winter birthday celebrations. Here is a 3D carved penguin cake and an igloo cake with gum paste penguins.

Carved Penguin Cake

carved penguin cakeI made this cake for a boy who loves penguins. It was my first sculpted cake.

Princess Cakes

Princess Cakes

Princess cakes make great birthday cakes for the little girls who wish they were one. They consist of pretty dresses and crowns of different varieties.

Princess Cake

princess cakeFor my niece Rylee's 6th birthday, I used a Wilton Wonder mold pan with 2 cake mixes.

Alcohol Cakes

alcohol cakes - beer, wine, beefeater and silver patron

Decorating alcohol cakes is a great alternative to bringing the actual alcohol - and the kids will enjoy them, too. Here are a few different cakes designed after beer, wine, and liquor bottles.

Hat Cakes

collection of hat cakes

Hat cakes come in all forms from bonnets to cowboy hats to magic hats. There's one for every occasion whether it's a party, a sport or just to reflect your individuality. Why not capture the birthday recipient's personality with a cake suited to fit him/her?