Snowman Cakes

snowman cakes

Snowman cakes work great for any winter occasion whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza.

3D Snowman Cake

snowman cakeFor this snowman cake, I used three different size bowls…..two of each 1 cup, 2 cup and 4 cup bowls. But you can use any size depending on the size you want at completion. Then inverted each bowl and stack on top of one another. I used buttercream icing and a grass tip to make it look like snow. You can use coconut if you like, I just don’t like coconut. Nerds on a rope was used for the scarf, plain M&M’S for the eyes and mouth, M&M with peanuts for the buttons, fruit roll ups for nose, two Oreo cookies dipped in chocolate for the hat, stick pretzels covered in chocolate for the arms and a candy cane for his cane. The snowflakes are edible I found them at Rite Aid Store. This cake was made for my next door neighbor's Christmas party. 

Because this snow man cake is 3 tiers high, I would recommend using a wooden dowel in the center for support. If you do choose to use coconut, the items used to make the facial features won't stick directly to the coconut. In those spots where you need to attach elements to the cake, push the coconut out of the way.

Cake decorated by Sheila Daniel from Dudley, GA

Frosty the Snowman Cake

frosty the snowman cakeThis is a Snowman Cake iced in buttercream stars with fondant for everything else. As a last step I sprinkled Wilton's edible glitter all over him to look a bit Frosty.
By Jodi from Georgia

If you'd like to decorate a cake with fondant snowmen, here's a how-to video showing how to make them:


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