What is Isomalt and How to Cook It

Isomalt is a sugar substitute commonly used by sugar artists to create sugar sculptures, cake toppers, gems and other cake decorations.It is preferred for sugar work over regular granular sugar because it holds up better in heat and humidity.

edible cake printer Edible Cake Printers

cookies decorated with icing sheets using edible ink printersFor years, we’d seen the work of edible cake printers on cakes purchased from chain stores such as Carvel or Bask

Tips for Freezing Cakes

There may be a few different reasons you are considering freezing cakes. Perhaps you have a big cake order coming up and you'd like to make the cake in advance to lessen the work load the day of the cake assembly.

Cake Sizes Guide

Find cake sizes to suit the number of people you need to serve. Birthday cake sizes are often larger cakes because they are shorter. Consider you will cut a larger wedge from a birthday cake to create one potion than you would from a wedding cake.

Cake with Painting Cake Painting

Using edible food colors, you can create amazing cake paintings either free-hand or following a template. There are basically two different ways you can paint a cake:

1. Use edible food colors mixed with either vodka, lemon extract or almond extract.

2. Use airbrush color.

How to Make a Moist Cake and Avoid Dry Cake

Moist cake is the most desirable texture. Sometimes, you start out with a recipe that should come out moist, but you end up with dry cake either because of the way you baked the cake or inadvertently altered the recipe.

Fondant Cake Help

There are more requests for a fondant cake these days thanks to  the increase in popularity generated by competitions on television. Fondant is a very versatile medium to work with, giving unlimited design possibilities and rendering a beautiful, porcelain-like finish on the cake.

Sculpting Rice Krispie Treats

There are some cake elements that are just better made by sculpting rice krispie treats. They can be wrapped around pvc pipe, molded into different shapes, and carved. If you want to make figures that are a bit too large to dry in time, you can mold them from the rice krispies.

gourmet chocolate covered strawberries Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Gourmet chocolate covered strawberries are scrumptious all on their own, but make a tasty and eye catching cake decoration, too. They are simple enough to make on your own, only requiring ripe strawberries and good quality chocolate.

hi ratio shortening Hi Ratio Shortening vs. Crisco

If you haven't already heard, hi-ratio shortening is the way to go for smoother, less greasy buttercream icing.

In years past, Crisco was a staple in the cake decorator's pantry. Recent laws banning the use of trans-fat in all foods has created a dilemma for cake decorators.