football cake collage Football Cakes

Football cakes are eternally popular and come in the form of football fields, helmets, hats, jerseys and opposing teams in the Super Bowl. Here are a few different ideas created by visitors to this site that you can try using your favorite team as the theme.

three different football helmet cakes Football Helmet Cakes

Football helmut cakes are a favorite among guys. If their not watching a game on television, the next best thing is having memorabilia nearby. A cake is a temporary fix sure to be appreciated.

National Capital Area Cake Show The National Capital Area Cake Show 2014

I recently attended the National Capital Area Cake Show at the Fairfax High School in Fairfax, Virginia excited to see the cakes, friends and what the numerous instructors were teaching.

Colette Peters Inlay Class with Colette Peters

Ever since buying Colette’s book, “Colette’s Wedding Cakes,“ back in 1993, I have been in awe of her work. My previous exposure to cake decorating techniques was limited to buttercream with the more advanced end offering tiered cakes on plastic columns and gaudy, plastic waterfalls.

That Take the Cake Show That Takes the Cake

This year, I attended That Takes the Cake for the first time, a show organized by Capital Confectioners in Austin, Texas. Kyla Myers, Jennifer Bartos and their team faced quite the last minute hectic change when the original venue was sold and they had to scramble to find a new one.

filigree box Filigree Box Class with Dawn Parrott

Piping was the norm to the older generation of cake decorators but today, most cake decorators begin working with fondant and have yet to learn the art of working with buttercream or royal icing.

Duck Cake Collage Collection of Duck Cakes

Featured below are a number of different duck cakes made by visitors to this website. For as long as they've been making rubber ducks as bath toys, rubber ducks have been popular.

Choosing and Decorating Cake Boards

There are many occasions when cake boards are the best choice for cake support. They are ideal for odd shapes, because they can be cut to the desired shape;they support the layers of tiers; and they are best for professional use, as they are disposable.

Dawn Parrott, Kathlreen Lange, Theresa Happe Lambeth Class with Kathleen Lange

I recently had the pleasure of taking a Lambeth class with Kathleen Lange at the Florida ICES Mini Classes event in Orlando, Florida. Despite the fact that I've been piping since the age of 8, I was in for a huge wake up call.

Karen Vazquez demonstrating at Florida ICES Caring and Sharing at the Florida ICES Mini Classes

If you follow your favorite professional cake decorator's social media page, you'll probably get a few tips and questions answered from time to time. But, when you attend a show, you get to experience the spirit of sharing and caring in the cake decorating world right before you.