surfing cake and cupcakes Surfing Cake and Cupcakes

Surfing cakes and surfing cupcakes for summer birthdays featuring waves, surfers and surfboards.

fashion cakes and cupcakes Fashion Cakes and Cupcakes

These fashion cakes and cupcakes cover clothing, shoes and make-up items women love to have on their cakes.

collection of rainbow cakes Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow cakes are the quick easy solution to making a birthday cake for virtually anyone in a pinch. Just have different food colors or candies on hand and you can make a cake in a pinch.

penguin cupcakes Penguin Cupcakes

Penguin cupcakes are great for kids' birthday parties. Here are a few different ideas for making yours.

boat cakes collection Boat Cakes

Boat cakes are ideal for the adventurous person, perhaps with a birthday in the summer or as a Father's Day cake.

collection of pool table cakes Pool Table Cakes

Pool table cakes are easy enough to construct using a sheet cake. Here are four different ideas you can try, decorated by visitors to this site.

Combined Sports Cakes

football, basketball, baseball and soccer cakeThis cake contains 4 separate cakes.
1 - 9 X 13 for the base
1 - Oblong pan for shaped as a football

Badminton Cakes

badminton court cakeThis cake is a madeira cake, with a vanilla buttercream and strawberry conserve centre.

a collection of bowling cakes Bowling Cakes

What bowler wouldn't love one of these bowling cakes for his or her birthday? Here are some great ideas that include bowling ball, bowling pins and bowling alleys.

basketball cakes collection Basketball Cakes

Basketball cakes come in the form of half spheres, 3D balls and basketball courts. Here are a few variations to try on your own.