teddy bear cakes collection Teddy Bear Cakes

Teddy bear cakes can be cute and cuddly - ideal for babies and small children. Pick your child's favorite teddy bear as a model and try any of the techniques below.

baby cake collection Baby Cake Collection

This baby cake collection consists of cakes that have pictures or figures of babies on them.

collection of baby blocks shower cakes Baby Blocks Shower Cakes

Baby blocks shower cakes can consist of several small square cakes assembled in a tower or you might create blocks on top of a sheet cake. Either way, they are a good option when you don't know the sex of the baby.

Onesie Baby Shower Cakes Onesie Baby Shower Cake

Onesie baby shower cakes are simple solutions to creating a quick cake. Simply bake a sheet cake and cut out the shape of a onesie. You can draw yourself a template first and lay it over the cake as a guide for cutting.

fresh fruit cake decorating ideas Fresh Fruit Cake Decorating

Fresh fruit cake decorating themes refer to cakes decorated with fresh fruit, not filled with fruit. These creative ideas are great for summer time barbecues and summer month birthdays. While you can decorate with frozen fruit, the fruit just never looks the same.

bumble bee cakes collection Bumble Bee Cakes

Bumble bee cakes are quite cute as summer birthday cakes. For the most part, you'll find yellow and black cakes, but if you want to do something with flowers, bees certainly belong with them.

mermaid cakes collection Mermaid Cakes

Mermaid cakes are perfect for little girls. Many adore Little Mermaid, a Disney character that has been around for years.

ferris wheel cakes Ferris Wheel Cakes

Ferris wheel cakes are fun cakes reminiscent of summer time at the park. Here are a few ideas to create your own.

Beach Cakes Collection Beach Cakes

Beach cakes are popular for birthday and weddings. Here you'll find a variety of ideas ranging from cakes with seashells, palms trees, flip-flops and sand castles.

garden cakes collection Garden Cakes

This collection of garden cakes is inspired by outdoor plants and flowers. Whether for a spring birthday or just to brighten the occasion, these cakes offer different perspectives of outdoor themes.