poker cakes collection Poker Cakes

Here are a few poker cakes you can try for anyone who appreciates the game.

A collection of beautiful purse cakes Purse Cakes

Purse cakes are both beautiful and worthy of envy. Some cake decorators do an amazing job of capturing every last detail of a designer purse they are trying to copy.

Here are a few beautiful purse cake ideas for you to try on your own.

Grooms cake collection Grooms Cakes

Some engaged couples request grooms' cakes in addition to a wedding cake. Here are an assortment of ideas to try:

toilet cakes collection Toilet Cakes

Toilet cakes may seem a bit gross to eat, but their main purpose is to get a laugh. Here are a few variations:

pretty corset cake collection Corset Cakes

Corset cakes are appropriate both for bridal shower and bachelor parties. Here are a few pretty options:

butt cakes - male and female Butt Cakes

Whether for a birthday or bachelor party, butt cakes make humorous table top presentations. Here are one female and one male butt.

Tiffany cakes Tiffany Cakes

Tiffany cakes make elegant presentations for engagement parties or to propose marriage. Tiffany is a well known brand associated with engagement rings - what could be more elegant for the lady?

collection of turtle cakes Turtle Cakes

Here are some turtle cakes and how they were made, both realistic and depicting cartoon characters.

cherry blossom cakes Cherry Blossom Cakes

Cherry blossom cakes are elegant, springtime favorites that typically display sprays of gum paste cherry blossoms. It's a popular choice for wedding and ladies birthday cakes.

baby shower cupcakes Baby Shower Cupcakes

Here are a few adorable baby shower cupcakes ideas you can try on your own.