gallery of jungle cakes Jungle Cakes

Jungle cakes are great for kids because they can feature all their favorite animals. Here are several different takes on the theme.

collection of dragon cakes Dragon Cakes

Fierce and friendly dragon cakes make great birthday cakes for the boys whole love monsters and the movies that feature them. Here are a few different dragons in buttercream and fondant.

collection of spongebob cakes Spongebob Cakes

Every household has a Spongebob lover. These Spongebob cakes are sure to make a birthday child in your home delighted.

collection of 4 clown cakes Clown Cakes

Some people are scared of clowns and some love them. These clown cakes are all friendly clowns, bound to brighten up any child's birthday party.

collection of 5 winnie the pooh bear cakes plus eeyore Winnie the Pooh Bear Cakes

Here are a few different Winnie the Pooh Bear cakes, some with the bear alone, others with his friends from the long-love cartoon.

collection of rocket cakes Rocket Cakes

Here are 3 different rocket cakes for your astronauts and how the decorators made them.

collection of 10 castle cakes Castle Cakes

Castle cakes are for the little princesses or kids that enjoy building them from sand. They are grand, ethereal and places where our dreams come true. Here are 10 different variations of castle cakes you can make.

collection of super mario cakes Super Mario Cakes

Super Mario cakes are great for the Nintendo game addicts. Mario has been one of the most popular game characters over the years.

collection of 7 cars cakes Car Cakes

Here are 7 different variations of car cakes, some using sheet cakes, others using the Wilton car pan.

collection of hello kitty cakes Hello Kitty Cakes

Hello Kitty cakes depict the sweet little white cat from the cartoon by the same name. She is a little girl's favorite. Here are 9 different cakes featuring this kitty.