Hometown Bakery to Baked Goods Manufacturer

Some customer favorites, you just can’t make enough of. You might have a moist, chocolate cake you use as a base for several of your chocolate cake varieties or a unique flavor combination you came up with while experimenting.

sifting flour To Sift or Not to Sift: Answering the Questions of Measuring Flour

Anyone who has ever glanced through a baking cookbook has seen it – the confounding instructions involving sifting ingredients. They may say to sift the flour, or use sifted flour, or to sift the dry ingredients.

Planning For Success

                One of the questions people (cake and non cake) ask me the most is how do I do it?  What they are referring to is that I work a full time day job then do all the cake related stuff like help organize Cake Carnival, act as sponsor coordinator for the Canadian Cake Decorator’s Guild

Getting Organized!


Going Naked


                I need to preface this article by stating the opinions expressed herein are mine alone and do not reflect on the opinions of Cake Decorating Corner.

Marvelous Molds - New & Improved?

If you have ever taken a class with me, watched my DVD, or seen one of my few online tutorials, then you have heard me say, “I’m a man and I’m lazy”!  If there is a way for my to do something with less effort – a shortcut of sorts – I am all up on it!  That is why I am a HUGE fan of Marvelous Mol

New Product Reviews - July '15

My name is Mark and I am a cake toy addict.  There I have said it.  I should be on one of those reality shows for my addiction.  If it’s new, I need it.  I may not have a current use for it, but I need it.  I don’t love or even like all of the things I get and eventually try.  However, there are

water park cakes Water Park Cakes

Water Park cakes represent fun times in the summer, lugging the family in the car to stand on line for hours for a refreshing ride. Just make some fondant or gum paste people, tires and water and you can easily create any configuration your favorite water park has.

June Top Tier Challenge June Top Tier Challenge

The June Top Tier Challenge offers you a chance to win a prize for submitting any type of cake, cookie, cupcake or cake decoration made in any theme.

collection of nurses graduation cakes Nurses Graduation Cakes

Nurses graduation cakes tend to feature all types of medical equipment. Here are a few different ideas you can try.