Baking Large Cakes


I would like to know how to bake a large cake either round or rectangular to where the center gets done without the outer edges get dry and hard. What is the trick? Also is there a trick on how to make the cake rise more evenly instead of the center rising a lot and the side don't? - Sissy from LaVernia, Texas

by: grandma70

For very large cakes, Wilton has a metal cone to put in certer of cake. Fill cake pan, Save 1/2 cup batter to put inside cone. Put cone in middle of cake and add batter. When cake is done and cooled remove cone, pop out cake in center and put it in center of cake. It's called a heating core and instructions come with it.

by: Anonymous

If you are baking a 10 inch round, grease a flower nail and lay it in the center of the pan. it helps conduct heat for more even cooking and it makes for a more level cake. I use 1 for a 10 inch, 2 for a 12 inch and 3 for a 14 inch round. i've used up to 4 making larger square cakes, generally depending on the volume of batter needed for the pan.

by: bamagrama

I also fill my pans to within 1/2 inch from the top but I bake them at 300 degrees. this allows more even baking.

by: Aloha Bob

I find too hot of an oven causes overbaked sides...Lower heat and longer time...
One great way is to wrap sides of cake pans with wet rag...this makes even baking easier. You can buy these cloth pieces in a bake supple store for just that purpose.
I fill all my cake tins to within 1/2 inch of top..this makes the complete cake rise above the tin when finished...then I use a wire cake cutter to cut the top off...and WA-LA it is just as flat on top as the bottom. You can also bake the cake in a water bath (like flan) and it will also rise evenly....the best to you...Aloha Bob

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You got to watch the oven temperature. It’ll do that every time. The last thing you want to do is burn you’re cake due to an improperly functioning oven.