Baking the Cake Even


How do I get the round cakes to come out flat and even on top, without that small mound that always forms in the center?


I purchased a set of cake pan wraps....they are flat about 2" wide and different lengths to go around pan sizes. The are insulated against the heat of the us them you dip them in water and secure a band around each cake pan. And Wa La...the cake rises nearly perfectly even. ]
Thanks....learn something new everyday.
There is not way to make the cake come out flat, really.
Here is what all bakers do. Get a cake cutter (wire) and cut it off by sawing back and forth acrossed the top (after removing it from the pan).
Cake cutters are adjustable. This will give you a great flat top.
If you don't use a wire, a large serrated bred knife will do, but you must make a level cut.

I always overfill my cake pans with batter, so they will exceed the top of the pan, then I cut with the cake cutter. This way I will always have a full layer. Also, with the cake cutter wire you can cut the cake in the middle and have two perfectly layers the same size. Most bakers make two good layers and then cut them in half and have a 4 layer cake...or as many layers they want depending on how many layers they bake....Aloha, Bob

There is a way to make ur cakes even. You get a damp tea towel and wrap it around the outside of the Tin and put it in the oven. Cooks evenly And flat on top :-)

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I’ve had this same problem myself. I’ve always wondered how to do it. Thanks to this I’ll never have to wonder a gain. This place is a great resource for anyone that loves to bake!