how to make garrett frills Garrett Frills

Garret frills can be a tricky decorating technique to master. They’re a little fiddly and it can take some time to get them just right.

Gum Paste Rose How-To

finished gum paste roseMaking a gum paste rose is one of the easiest cake decorating techniques you will ever master.

gum paste duck Gum Paste Duck

You might want a gum paste duck for a baby shower cake or as part of a group of barn yard animals for your cake or cupcakes.

To make this gum paste duck, you will need:


fondant bow and cake with bows Step-by-step Fondant Bow Directions

Fondant bow directions vary according to the size and type of bow desired. If creating a dramatic decoration for the top of the cake, the bow should be proportionately larger and can be assembled directly on the cake.

Interview with Sidney Galpern

The first time I witnessed the young Sidney Galpern’s talent, she won a contest on my other website, Cakes We Bake.  I had no idea she was only 13 at the time; her age certainly wasn’t apparent from the skill level demonstrated in her chocolate sculpture.

buttercream rose tutorial Making Roses Out of Icing

When making roses out of icing, either a stiff consistency buttercream or stiff consistency royal icing works best to hold the shape of the petals.

filigree icing work How To Do Beautiful Filigree Icing Work

filigree icing patternThe delicate, lacy designs you see on cakes is filigree icing work.

Create Impressive Specialty Birthday Cake Toppers

Here's a little trick for making an impressive, but simple specialty birthday cake toppers by using a plastic toy and rolled fondant.

Achieve Professional Results With These Cake Essentials

Following some basic cake essentials will ensure your finished cake is decoration-ready.

Kathleen Lange Kathleen Lange

When you browse the line-up of cakes at a cake competition, the exquisitely piped cake that drops your jaw often belongs to Kathleen Lange. The attention to detail, layers of intricate design and heart motifs are captivating features of her signature style.