Sugar Vase Demonstration Sugar Vase Demonstration

While attending That Takes the Cake in Austin, Texas this year, I had the pleasure of capturing both Dawn Parrott and Sidney Galpern in a collaborative effort to create a sugar vase showpiece.

daisy and butterfly baby cake Daisy and Butterfly Baby Cake

gum paste daisies and beesThe daisy and butterfly baby cake is my own design. I used several ideas from other cakes.

12" boy's christening cake Christening Cake Decorating Ideas

Christening cake decorating ideas often feature the cross and come in pastel shades. Although this cake was made for a boy, simply switching the clue to pink makes it suitable for a girl's christening.

completed baby shower cakes designs Baby Shower Cakes Designs

These baby shower cakes designs feature decorations made with 3 different icing mediums: buttercream icing, royal icing and fondant. The same design can be created by using all royal icing or all buttercream.

mermaid dream cake decorating Mermaid Dream Cake Decorating

The idea to create the Mermaid Dreaming cake decorating scene came from something similar I saw in a cake book and wanted to make my own version of a Mermaid cake, so here is it. I hope you like it!

3 to 4 days in advance...

caribbean cruise cake Caribbean Cruise Cake

This Caribbean cruise cake is composed of palm trees, flamingos and a cruise ship making this cake perfect for a Tropical Caribbean Wedding.

sweetest garden cupcakes Sweetest Garden Cupcakes

These 100% edible sweetest garden cupcakes were created for a special friend who can always be found playing in her garden. The cupcakes are baked in ice cream cones and the cones are then wrapped with fondant to create the look of the terracotta flower pots.

surfing cake Surfing Cake

I made this suring cake for a friend’s husband, who was missing a bit of his youth.

I purchased the surfboards and candy rocks at my local cake supply store.

floral cupcake bouquet Floral Cupcake Bouquet

Looking for a way to add a bit of pizazz to your dessert table? This fun and creative floral cupcake bouquet provides a great solution.

designer print flower cupcakes Designer Print Flower Cupcakes

These designer print flower cupcakes are created by applying a printed icing sheet to fondant. There are so many things you can do printed icing sheets to make any regular decoration more fun.

To make these flower cupcakes, you will need: