cluster of gum paste hydrangeas Gum Paste Hydrangeas

There are several different ways to make gum paste hydrangeas. You can wire them to create a realistic looking ball of hydrangea flowers or place them individually on the cake. Here I will demonstrate them on a wire.

mexican tile cakes Mexican Tile Cake

This Mexican Tile Cake was actually made for a wedding, but the concept will work for any special occasion.

zombie birthday cake Zombie Birthday Cake

I used two 9 inch rectangle pans for the base, one medium sized loaf pan for the torso, and one small loaf pan for the head.  I used chocolate for the cake for the dirt effect when sliced and crumbled cake on top of chocolate frosting for the dirt and mud to make the grave.  I used butter cream f

Deputy First Year Cake Deputy First Year Cake

I made this cake for my littlest nephew, Sawyer, for his first birthday bang that was thrown inside of my parents barn.

sugar lily wedding cake Sugar Lily Wedding Cake

I made this Sugar Lily Wedding Cake for an October Texas wedding. The cakes are all vanilla cakes with vanilla buttercream - made just the way bride liked it.

beach cupcakes tutorial Beach Cupcakes

These beach cupcakes feature a palm tree and shell made from chocolate.

chocolate mens cupcakes Chocolate Men's Cupcakes

The idea behind this cupcake, is to create an elegant yet masculine look. As my partner said... I made danty cupcakes, Epic! These can be easily altered to make something a little bit special for any event.

sea monster cake Sea Monster Cake

I started out with 2 rectangular 12" cakes and laid them end to end to make a 2 foot long cake which I used for the "sea". I made 5 round rice crispie circles that were approximately 5 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick which I later used as bases to help support the seamonster head and humps.

M&M Cake M&M Cake

My daughters name is Emma and has had the nickname Em&EM for a few years now. I always surprise her with a fun innovative cake but was stumped this year. I knew there would be no more Elmos, cute puppies, Barbies or unicorns. So, at the last minute it came to me.

pink roller skate cake Roller Skate Cake

Using a 9" x 13" sheet cake pan, bake pound cake with flavoring, I used Raspberry. Let cool completely. Cut sheet cake into 3 equal pieces and stack, I used chocolate whipped butter cream. Place in freezer overnight to get a nice firm cake for sculpting so it doesn't crumble.