Vanessa Greeley Vanessa Greeley

The very talented Chef Vanessa Greeley has overcome many obstacles on the road to becoming the master cake, sugar, chocolate and pastry artist she is today. Originally from Lima, Peru, Vanessa came to the states to pursue computer studies at Columbia University and NYU.

Dawn Parrott Dawn Parrott

Dawn Parrott is a Certified Pastry Chef from Houston, Texas, best known for her royal icing work but also highly skilled at fondant, chocolate and sugar. She is originally from Newfoundland, Canada, a region reachable only by boat or plane where icebergs are present in the month of July.

Jorg Amsler Interview with Jorg Amsler

Jörg Amsler, Food Network star and internationally recognized pastry chef, is well-known for his carved cakes and exemplary skills in chocolate. His journey began when he attended pastry school in Zurich and completed an apprenticeship at Konditorei Rhor.

Carolyn Lawrence Interview with Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence recently won our Facebook page, fall cake contest. Even more impressive yet, she's celebrating 50 years of decorating cakes. Featured below is her winning cake, a 3 tier white, buttercream cake decorated with fondant leaves.

Karen Vazquez Karen Vazquez

Karen Vazquez is a talented cake artist from Naples, Florida with over 15 years baking experience and numerous accolades  including starring in Food Networks' Cake Challenge and 10 national and international awards.

beginners cake decorating instructions Beginners Cake Decorating Instructions

Getting Set Up...


squirrel cupcake decoration Squirrel Cupcake Decoration

This squirrel cupcake decoration makes for an unconventional Thanksgiving dessert. The squirrel is accompanied by a fondant acorn and decorated with a touch of edible glitter to make him festive for the holiday season.

Tools and Ingredients