Valentines Cake Decorating Design

valentines cake decorating design

Say "I love you" with homemade cake decorating designs for Valentines Day. This is not a complicated cake to make. Just prepare the marshmallow fondant a day ahead.

What you'll need for Valentine Cake Decorating Designs:

  • 3 heart-shaped cakes
  • marshmallow fondant
  • buttercream icing
  • food color paste - violet and kelly green
  • metal triangle
  • ruler
  • lemon extract
  • pearlized dusting powder
  • cake board
  • confectioners sugar or cornstarch
  • rolling pin
  • pizza cutter
  • 1/2" wide brush

1. Begin by placing the first heart cake layer on the cake board. Fill with buttercream icing and repeat with the next layer.

2. Frost the outside of the cake with buttercream icing. Knead the marshmallow fondant until pliable. Cut of a palm-sized piece and set aside to make the flowers and leaves. Tint the remaining fondant a pale lavender using the violet food paste.

3. Measure the top of the heart cake at its widest point. Now measure the height of the side of the cake. Double this measurement and add it to the cake top measurement. You will need to roll the fondant out to at least this measurement to cover the entire cake.

4. Roll the fondant out on a surface dusted with either confectioners sugar or cornstarch using the rolling pin. Fold the entire piece in half horizontally and again vertically. Line up the center of the fondant with the center of the cake. Unfold the fondant and smooth the fondant out with your hands, beginning with the center of the cake and continuing out and down to the bottom of the cake.
fondant covered valentines cake design
5. Gather up the excess fondant and set aside in plastic wrap. Using the pizza cutter, trim the fondant all around the cake where it touches the cake board and remove the excess fondant.

6. Now for the embossed cake decorating designs:

Using the ruler, find the center of the cake and hold the ruler horizontally across the middle. Use the smallest serrated edge of the metal triangle to emboss the fondant all the way across the top of the cake. Repeat this process along the opposite side of the ruler.

7. Continue moving the ruler down below the previous line and emboss the cake. Repeat this process moving from the center of the cake to the top of the cake.

quilted fondant valentines design

8. Now hold the metal triangle so this same serrated side lines up with the end of the embossed line on the top of the cake. The triangle should sit flat on top of the cake board. Now turn the metal triangle towards the cake until you emboss the fondant on an angle with the same serrated edge. Repeat this process all around the cake.

9. Now,return to embossing the top of the cake, only this time, hold the ruler in the opposite direction, so that the embossed lines will be perpendicular to the lines you already made.

10. Take the excess lavender fondant back out and add more violet food paste to it. Knead the color throughout. Pull off about 1/3 of this fondant and roll it out to 1/4" thick.

11. To make the violet ribbon roses, use the ruler and pizza cutter to cut out strips about 3/4" wide. Fold this strip in half to make the width one-half the size. Start at one end of the strip and roll the strip up with the folded edge facing up, making each wrap around further down the flower.

10. Squeeze the bottom of the flower together with your fingers and trim off the excess fondant. Make six flowers and set them aside.

fondant ribbon roses
11. Take out the uncolored, reserved fondant. Pull off a golf ball sized piece to make the leaves and set aside. Roll out the remaining white fondant and repeat the same procedure as above for making the ribbon roses, only this time, make the width 1". Make 2 flowers

If you have other cake decorating design ideas in mind, you can make more or less flowers. There will still be fondant left over to add more. Take the remaining white fondant and tint it with the green food paste. Knead it throughout. Pull off a small piece and roll it into a ball. Flatten it with your fingers and shape it like a football. Use a knife to mark the veins. Make as many leaves as you like.

12. Wet the bottom of the flowers and leaves and arrange them on the cake as shown.

13. Take the remaining violet-colored fondant and roll it out. Cut out 1" wide strip and twist the strips around. Place the strips around the base of the cake and smooth the ends of the strips together with your fingers.

14. Complete the cake decorating designs by combining lemon extract and the pearlized dusting powder together in a bowl. Use the brush to apply the mixture to the entire cake.


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