Step-by-step Fondant Bow Directions

fondant bow and cake with bows

Fondant bow directions vary according to the size and type of bow desired. If creating a dramatic decoration for the top of the cake, the bow should be proportionately larger and can be assembled directly on the cake.

If you wish to arrange fondant bows around the sides of the cake,prepare them 2 days in advance to allow them to dry.Attach them to the cake with royal icing. You can give the bows added dimension by making curvy tails, but it's not a necessary part of the fondant bow directions.

These fondant bow directions are for a simple 2-loop bow. Follow the same instructions if making a gum paste bow.

Supplies to Make A Fondant Bow:

rolling pin
confectioner's sugar
pizza cutter
sharp knife
tissue paper

If desired, tint the fondant and knead it until the color is uniform.

1. Roll the fondant out on a surface dusted with confectioner's sugar using a rolling pin.

2. Roll to a thickness of 1/8" and large enough to cut out a rectangle 6" x 4".(If you want to make a larger bow, remember that the length (6" side) will fold in half to create the loop. For a longer loop, increase the length. If you want the bow to sit on top of the cake, a more substantial bow would be wider, too. If you wanted to make the width 3", then the rectangle would be 6" x 16".

rolled pink fondant
3. Mark both 4" sides of the fondant at every inch, using the ruler to measure and a sharp knife to mark the 1" intervals. Line the ruler up with the marks from one side to the other. Hold the ruler in place as you cut out 4 strips 6" x 1", with the pizza cutter.
measuring fondant

4. The first 2 strips will make the loops. Fold them in half and pinch the ends. Crumple up pieces of tissue paper into 2 balls. Insert a ball of tissue paper inside each loop to hold its shape as it dries.

making fondant bow loops

5. Take the 3rd strip of fondant and cut off 2". Save the remaining 4" piece. This piece forms the knot. Pinch the ends together.

fondant bow knot

6. Attach the pinched ends of the loops together with a dab of water. Wet the back of the knot and wrap it around the middle of the bow.

fondant bow assembly

7. Cut the last strip of fondant down to 4" long. This piece and the 4" piece remaining from the 3rd strip will be the tails of the fondant bow. Cut out a "V" into the end of each tail, using the knife.

fondant bow tails

8. Pinch the other end of each tail together. Use a dab of water to attach both pinched end of the tails together. Set the rest of the bow on top of the joined tail ends.

fondant bow tail xreation

9. If you want to curve the tails of the fondant bow, lift one tail at a time, bend it up at the middle and lay the end of the tail back down again. Once completed with curved tails, this bow measures 5-1/2" wide by 4" long.

adding bow tails to fondant bow

If you want to vary the size,the tails can easily be trimmed at the last minute. Keep in mind that you will be better off making them longer than you think you need to, because they can always be shortened, but you can't make them longer if the strips are too short at the start. A few of these bows will fit around a large tier, but if you are making a smaller cake, make the fondant bows smaller.

So many things can be done to the bows to dress them up. When dry, you can easily paint them with a mixture of powdered food coloring and lemon extract.

If you want to create striped bows, you can cut out strips of fondant in a different color, lay them on top of the rolled fondant, and then run it through a pasta machine to evenly roll out the strips.At this point, you would measure your strips and cut them to make a bow.

Another decorating idea is to complete the fondant bow directions by adding delicate royal icing trim. You can add a lacy edge by making a simple trim with a #2 tip.


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