Ruffle Cake How-To

Fondant Ruffles

Making a ruffle cake in some shape or form is all the rage today. The picture shown above is just one application for fondant ruffles on the side of a cake. Here, two different colors are alternated just so it's easier to see the definition. Many cake decorators create several layers of the same color fondant ruffles at the base of a cake, creating the look of the bottom of a dress.

A really beautiful way to do this is creating an ombre' ruffle effect, starting with the darkest colored fondant at the base and adding more white to the fondant to lighten it as you work your way up.

Ruffle Cake Tools and Equipment:

  • Flat surface/non-stick cake decorating mat
  • Cell Stick
  • Sharp Knife
  • Non-stick rolling pin
  • Metal Ruler
  • Blue gum paste
  • White gum paste
  • White fondant
  • Icing sugar or cornstarch for dusting
    Step One – Combine 1 part white gum paste and 3 parts fondant. Lightly dust the flat surface with a little cornstarch to prevent the gum paste from sticking. Then start to knead the white gum paste and fondant together until it’s soft and pliable.

    ball of fondant

    Step Two – After you’ve finished kneading the white gum paste and fondant, put it to one side and do the same thing with the blue gum paste and fondant mix. Once both pieces have reached the right consistency, place the gum paste/fondant mix paste on the flat surface and begin to roll it out with a non-stick rolling pin. Roll the gum paste out until it is about 3 mm thick and 6 inches long. Then repeat this process with the blue gum paste.
    Step Three – After you’ve done this, take a metal ruler and place it on the rolled out fondant. Then, take a sharp knife and score a line about 6 inches long, using the ruler as a guide. Repeat this step with the leftover fondant mixture, making sure that each strip is around 6 inches long and 3 cm wide. You can also do this freehand, without a ruler. This isn’t as accurate but as the ruffles are placed close together, you won’t notice too much. fondant strip
    Step Four – Take a single strip of gum paste from the ones that you’ve just cut and use a cell stick to gently ruffle one side. Starting at one end of the strip, roll the cell stick from side to side in order to create small ruffles along the strip. Repeat this step with all the strips of gum paste. (The cone tool also works really well for a more defined ruffle). There’s no specific guideline for how many ruffles that you need for a cake as it varies quite a lot. ruffling fondant
    Step Five- Once you’ve finished ruffling the strips, turn them over and lightly wet the back of the unruffled edge to help them adhere to the cake. Be careful that you don’t leave the ruffles sitting too long as they will dry out and harden.

    ruffling with a cell stick


    Step Six - After you’ve done this, you can begin assembling the ruffle cake. Begin by taking a white ruffle, using a pallet knife or your fingers to gently lift each strip onto the cake. Start by placing the strip at the bottom of the cake, laying it so the ruffled edge touches the cake board. Continue all the way around the cake and trim the last ruffle strip when it meets the first. Lay the following row in blue so the ruffled edge covers the straight edge of the row beneath it. Pay attention to laying the rows as straight as possible. You can mark the cake with a ruler so you have a guide to follow as you work your way around.

    Optional: If you would rather your ruffle cake display the ruffles at an angle, use a ruler and string attached to a pin to create a guide that can be moved as you progress with your rows.

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