Quoth the Raven Evermore Wedding Cake

quoth the raven evermore wedding cake

The quoth the Raven "Evermore!" Wedding Cake is a four tier red velvet cake, bottom and second tiers covered with white fondant and black fondant stripes.

Second and top layers covered in white butter cream piped black butter cream branches.

Everything accented with pearls made from fondant and brushed with pearl dust.

Blood red silk roses attached to the piped branches and surrounding the Raven topper.

Raven topper was made by spray painting a white dove topper. I used black paint suitable for repainting an oven and placed the topped on a layer of fondant to keep it off the Bride's cake.

The stand was made from five masonite boards and a dowel a couple of inches shorter than the finished cake. The platform board has wooden ball feet. I drilled a matching center hole through all the boards. I covered the platform with red foil and the remaining boards with white foil.

I baked and stacked the cakes thus: Bottom tier as usual - flat top.

For the top, second, and third layers, I set my Bow cake knife to different heights so that I would cut the layer higher on one side than the other. I cut one layer straight as usual and this layer was placed on the masonite board. Then I stacked and crumb-coated the layers. I immediately covered the second and bottom tiers with white fondant and when the top and third tier had crusted, I applied the final butter cream.

To make the pearls, roll pearl size portions in your hands until round and smooth and place on a parchment lined baking sheet to dry. Depending on your location this can take a few days so plan ahead. When dry, brush with pearl dust.

It is hard to tell from this picture but there is shell piping around the layers; I would have used a single row of pearls but this design was especially requested by the bride.

To stack the cakes,place wooden dowels in a circle around the centers of the second, third, and bottom tiers. These dowels support the tiers above.

Take the long dowel that you cut to just a couple of inches shorter than the finished cake and fit it into the hole in the platform.

Now carefully (you may need help if the cakes are large and heavy - don't take chances!) lower the bottom tier onto the dowel in the platform. Remember, you have pre-drilled the masonite boards so this should not be hard. Place you have on the top of the cake so that the dowel does not break the fondant too much as it comes through. Add the each of the tiers in the same manner. Finish by doing any necessary piping and add the pearl accents. Save some to toss around the cake table.

This picture was taken in the kitchen. The cake was displayed at the wedding on a table covered with deep red crumpled satin.

Cake decorated by Lavonne Westbrooks from Suwanee, Georgia

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