New Years Clock Cake

New Years Clock Cake

This New Year's Eve Clock Cake is a 4 layer vanilla cake with vanilla filling and frosting covered with black and white fondant and painted numbers.

This cake was very simple as I used organic cake and frosting mix from Whole Foods Market. I used 2 cake mixes and one frosting mix.

1. Prepare the mix as directed and add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract to the frosting and cake mix. Bake as directed. Use any extract flavor you wish.

2. After cake has cooled, fill the cake between all layers and also cover the entire cake using the vanilla frosting. Put cake in refrigerator for about an hour to make frosting tacky.

3. Take cake out of refrigerator and brush a thin layer of piping gel around the lower and upper edge of the cake to help the fondant to stay in place.

4. Roll out white fondant per the instructions on the package to 1/8" thick and just enough to cover the top of the cake to create the face of the clock. Tip: To make sure the fondant does not stick to surface use a thin layer of shortening, this will not affect the consistency or color of your fondant.

5. Next, roll out the black fondant to 1/8" to cover the side of the cake to create the frame of the clock. Make sure to measure the height of your cake. Also, roll out a little extra to cut out the minute and hour hands for the clock.

6. Mix black edible gel color (available at Michael's or Jo-Ann's) with piping gel to a smooth consistency to paint the numbers on the face of the clock. The piping gel will help the color to not run or fade into the fondant. Be sure to use a clean art brush used only for edible purposes.

7. When you are done decorating the cake brush on some piping gel to the black fondant to give it some sheen.

This cake took me about 8 hours to bake and decorate, I suggest baking the cake one day and decorating it the next. Enjoy!

New Years Clock Cake decorated by Olivia Dougherty from Roseville, CA

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