Funky Fondant Pattern How-To

Funky Fondant Pattern

This funky fondant pattern is the by-product of experimenting with different polymer clay techniques. By layering and rolling different colors and then slicing off pieces that get assembled together, you can and endless number of color and design combinations.

I just decided to call this "funky" since I couldn't think of another way to describe it.

To make this funky fondant pattern yourself, you will need:

  • yellow, blue and purple fondant
  • silicone mat
  • knife
  • rolling pin
  • shortening
  • cutting board
    1. Begin by kneading the fondant colors you choose to use to create your pattern.
    2. When softened, grease the silicone mat and roll out one color at a time to about the same size, starting with the blue fondant.
    3. Using the palm of your hand, lightly grease the top of the blue fondant and place the purple fondant on top. Repeat with the next layer of fondant color.
    4. Roll over the yellow fondant just enough to stick all 3 layers together. layers of fondant colors
    5. Trim off the edges on all sides wherever you don't have all 3 colors together. trimming fondant layers
    6. Start rolling the fondant from the long end, folding it over on one side and then folding it in the other direction like an accordian. rolling up fondant layers
    7. Here it is all rolled up and bunched together. shaped fondant layers
    8. Place the fondant on a cutting board. (You don't want to slice through your expensive silicone mat). revealing funky fondant pattern
    9. Cut pieces off of the short end, making each cut the same width. (Hint: if you cut the pieces too thick, you will have to roll the fondant more, which will distort the design. Cut as close to the thickness you like to cover your cake, approximately 1/8" thick).
    10. Assemble the cut pieces together on the silicone mat, staggering them from one row to the next. Bunch them together to close up the gaps. funky fondant pattern adjoined
    11. Place a greased cutting board on top of the design and press down with even pressure. This helps to merge the pieces together without distorting the design. If you prefer the design distorted, by all means, feel free to roll it out more with your rolling pin.

    You can try this technique with any color and more than 3 different colors. The more colors you layer, the wider each cut piece will be.

    Be sure to use a sharp knife when cutting as dull knives tend to press the fondant around the cut down more, making the pattern around the cut blurry.

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