Fondant Quilting Techniques

fondant quilting techniques

Here are two very different fondant quilting techniques, both giving a beautiful, fabric finish to your decorated cakes and demonstrated by cake artist, Marilyn Bawol.

I want to share with you two interesting quilting techniques that I’ve actually used in a non-cake environment.  I was getting ready for a bridal show and wanted to highlight tiered pillows with a high heeled shoe on top.  I decided to use one of the quilting techniques on the pillow and it turned out really nice.  

fondant quilting suppliesYou’ll need some gum paste or you can mix a 50/50 mixture of gum paste and fondant, a fondant mat and roller, a small wooden dowel, a metal pick tool and a sugar glue.  You can use some of the pre-mixed sugar glue products available on the market or you can create one of your own by mixing 2 teaspoons of CMC with ½ cup water.  


1. I use an Ateco mat because it has blue squares marked on it rolling out fondant square

2. I know that I’ve rolled the gum paste thin enough if I can see the blue lines underneath.

thinned gum paste

3. You can then use a pizza wheel to cut the 1 inch squares but I prefer using a bench scraper which gives me a straighter cut.

cutting fondant squares

4. Cut only a few squares at a time so that they don’t dry out.  Keep the unused ones covered.  Using a paintbrush, spread about a ¼ inch square of sugar glue at the center of the square.

applying gum glue

5. Then using your pick tool, lift each corner and press it into the center glue spot leaving some empty space underneath the fold.

creating fondant quilt
fondant fondant quiltcompleting fondant quilting

6. If the fold flattens too much, use your wooden dowel to lift up the gum paste. 

single fondant quilt piece

7. Starting at the center of a row, spread some sugar glue onto a 1 inch square and attach your finished quilt. 

applying quilted squares to cake

8. Make sure the corners align with the squares that are already in place. 

adjusting fondant squares

9. You can then insert a ball or a decoration into the center of the square to complete the look.

fondant quilted cake

2nd Fondant Quilting Technique

I used a slightly different technique on my daughter’s quilt so I wanted to try it out for cakes, too.

1. You start out with the same square of gum paste but now you slightly lift the center of each side so that the side curves in a little.  As you do that, you grab the corner and lightly squeeze it.  Continue this until all the sides are curved and the four corners are attached.

reverse fondant quilt

2. The interesting thing about this technique is that when you place the squares together so that the corners touch, the color of the fondant underneath shows through.  You can also put a color, a flower using a plunge tool or some edible paper decoration into the middle of each square providing you with a lot of design options.

reverse fondant quilting technique
cake with reverse fondant quilting

I mentioned that I also created a high heeled shoe to put on top of the stacked pillows.  I used an interesting impression roller called Malayka (created by Norm and Zane from The Sweet Life) for the bottom half of the pillow and the inner sole of the shoe.

fondant shoe insole
So here’s the final product with all the quilting squares in place.  I also added a twisted rope border and tassels for the corners using an extruder.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at
quilted pillow cake with shoe

marilyn bawolMarilyn Bawol is a natural-born artist who thrives on combining her sculpture and painting skills with her baking talents to create an art form that others can enjoy as much as she can. She had previously channeled her natural artistic talent into creating impressive artistic objects in in sculpting; oil, water and portrait painting;stained glass; ceramics; hair dressing and clothes designing. Through experimentation, she has developed a new recipe for a gelatin substance to be mixed with chocolate or to cover wafer paper for producing flexible cake decorations. You can see more of Marilyn's work at Unique Cakes.

Marilyn will be offering classes at the upcoming National Capital Area Cake Show in Norfolk, Virginia this March:

  • Modeling Figure from Photo: Saturday, March 21st, 12:30 - 1:30pm
  • ​New Wafer Paper, Chocolate and Gelatin Technique - using wafer paper and gelatin to create flowers with fabric textures, Saturday, March 21st 3:30 - 4:30pm
  • Easy, Unusual and Fun Colored Fondant Techniques - Learn several methods of utilizing left over colored fondant and gold or silver to create unusual metal, rock and wood effects; Use two or more colors of fondant to simply create a magic stripe effect. Sunday, March 22nd, 1 - 4pm

​To register for these classes at NCACS, visit


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rushing31's picture

Really neat technique. I remember when I was a little girl that my grandma had a bedspread and pillow sham with this same kind of look. It had a satiny shine to it, I called it the puff bed. The look of this pillow so reminds me of it. May have to try this in a shiny olive green in honor of the puff bed. Thanks so much for sharing

Donna's picture

Who would have thunk'd this...this is awesome. Quilting always has a distinct elegant look about it, but this gives it another whole dimension. I love the way it has a 3D look about it and yet it looks like it is so easy to do. Great job, a must for me to try. Thanks so much.