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Kerry Vincent

Kerry Vincent has traversed both hemispheres promoting first fashion then cake artistry in the public eye.

Elisa Strauss

When you meet renowned cake artist Elisa Strauss for the first time, you may be surprised to discover she is a petite woman with a cute little, tiny voice.

Marilyn Bawol

When Marilyn Bawol and I first met four years ago in a cake decorating class, her jokes had us all in tears, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of the class.

Don Donneruno, cake artist

After laughing until I was crying for the fifth time or so, I was convinced I needed to interview cake artist Don Donneruno.


fondant quilting techniques

Here are two very different fondant quilting techniques, both giving a beautiful, fabric finish to your decorated cakes and demonstrated by cake artist, Marilyn Bawol.

gum paste rose

The gum paste rose is one of the essential cake decorations in floral cake making throughout the year. This is a simplified cake decorating tutorial by Hannah Foy.

Christmas star cookie

Christmas star cookies are an easy transformation of a sugar cookie into a holiday treat using flooded and piped royal icing.

Whether you are new to cake decorating or more experienced, this is the place to take your creativity to the next level.


growing cake business online

Over the years, I’ve read forum post after forum post from frustrated cake decorators stuck in the rut of providing cakes to low paying customers consisting of family, friends and their referrals.

7 football field cakes

Football field cakes seem to remain forever popular and probably will be as long as the sport remains one of America's favorite pass-times.

valentines cakes

Valentines cakes come in pink and red and either in the shape of a heart or decorated with them. Here are a few ideas for your sweetheart or to fill an order for Valentine's Day.

january top tier challenge

Add any decorated cake, cupcake, cookie, cake decoration, chocolate, etc. in any theme for a chance to win January's Top Tier Challenge.

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