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Veena Azmanov

Veena Azmanov shares her creative cake decorating ideas with hundreds of thousands of cake artists every day through Facebook, YouTube and her website Veena’s Art of Cake.

Kerry Vincent

Kerry Vincent has traversed both hemispheres promoting first fashion then cake artistry in the public eye.

Elisa Strauss

When you meet renowned cake artist Elisa Strauss for the first time, you may be surprised to discover she is a petite woman with a cute little, tiny voice.

Marilyn Bawol

When Marilyn Bawol and I first met four years ago in a cake decorating class, her jokes had us all in tears, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of the class.


cake transport box tutorial

Here's a tutorial on making a cake transport box. I have taken ideas from here and there and through trial and error have decided that this works best for me. I love it.

Father's Day Cake with tools

This fathers day cake features gum paste tools atop a chocolate ganache covered cake. This tool cake idea can be used for as a men's cake for a birthday, as well.

hand painted royal icing mother's day cake

The most common mothers day cakes you'll find depict flowers.

Whether you are new to cake decorating or more experienced, this is the place to take your creativity to the next level.


collection of nurses graduation cakes

Nurses graduation cakes tend to feature all types of medical equipment. Here are a few different ideas you can try.

collage of graduation cakes

Here are a variety of graduation cakes from graduation caps to school logos to an actual school - all creative ideas for graduation from any grade level.

tips for vegan baking

Many people are discovering a vegan diet and whether you have chosen to eliminate all animal products from your diet due to health, ethical, or a combination of reasons, you shouldn't have to feel

I was recently in Ontario, Canada for a business trip.  On my way to the airport for my flight home, I arranged to make a stop at the offices of Virgin Ice.  Virgin Ice is a Canadian manufacturer o

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