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Elisa Strauss

When you meet renowned cake artist Elisa Strauss for the first time, you may be surprised to discover she is a petite woman with a cute little, tiny voice.

Marilyn Bawol

When Marilyn Bawol and I first met four years ago in a cake decorating class, her jokes had us all in tears, making it difficult to keep up with the pace of the class.

Don Donneruno, cake artist

After laughing until I was crying for the fifth time or so, I was convinced I needed to interview cake artist Don Donneruno.

Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers broke into the cake decorating scene just a few years ago, but it didn’t take long for her name to start showing up everywhere.


puppy cake

This adorable, sweet puppy cake tutorial was created by Naomi Hubert of Tea Party Cakes for SugarEd Productions.

floral acanthus leaf cake topper

The floral acanthus leaf cake topper is a decoration I made for the painted floral swag cake.

Painted Floral swag cake

I made this painted floral swag cake with some of Marvelous Molds'™ new swag mold designs.

Chocolate Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet

This trio of incredibly sculpted chocolate musical instruments was made by the renowned Jörg Amsler.


american cake decorating magazine

Beginning November 1st, each day one new cake will be featured in the top tier category of the photo gallery.

Dawn Parrott OSSAS Cake

What an amazing first time experience it was for me at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show having the unique opportunity to see my good friend, Dawn Parrott win the grand prize.

Drew Padaleckis OSSAS Cake

Young, rising cake star Drew Padalecki encountered more obstacles than should be humanly possible along his journey to deliver a cake to the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.

windsor cake and art show

In spring 2016, the Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery located in Windsor, New York will host the Windsor Cake and Art Show.

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